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CNET UK Podcast 126: What's more important, privacy or safety?

On this week's show, Ian, Nate and our new phone reviewer Flora talked about Spotify's security problems, the Geneva Motor Show and Microsoft allowing users to disable IE on Windows 7

This week on the CNET UK Podcast, having said goodbye to Andrew Lim last week, we welcomed our new mobile phone expert, Flora Graham. What better way to introduce our newest member of staff to CNET than by dropping her in at the podcast deep-end?

On this week's show, we talked Spotify's security problems, Best Buy delaying its UK launch and Microsoft potentially allowing users to disable Internet Explorer. We also had Rory in for a quick run-down of the hottest new eco-friendly cars he saw at this week's Geneva Motor Show.

In our special feature we debated the advantages and disadvantages of CCTV surveillance and the cost to our personal freedom and privacy.

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