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CNET UK Podcast 125: Is broadband in the UK fast enough?

This week Ian, Nate and Andrew discussed mermaids, Blu-ray recorders, IPTV from the BBC and the state of broadband in the UK -- and laughed as MPs again fail to understand technology

This week, Ian and Nate were joined by Andrew Lim, to discuss the terrible state of British broadband, Panasonic's Blu-ray recorders and Google's mail fail. We also listed our favourite silly iPhone apps and Nate waxed lyrical about Apple's super-fast Safari beta.

You can vote on this week's Twitter poll too, if you're so inclined, to tell us if you can get 2Mbps or faster broadband. And don't forget to follow CNET UK to get our latest news and insights about the world of technology.

As always, our user forums are open for your feedback and questions. You can talk to us about the podcast in its very own forum too, so don't be shy, come and say hello.

And finally, this show is Andrew's last appearance on the CNET UK Podcast -- he's leaving us to go and try his experienced hand at something totally new. We'll miss him an excessive amount and wish him all the best for the future.

Show links:
Panasonic launches Blu-ray recorder in UK with twin freesat tuners
BBC consulting on IPTV future 
Twitter pushing porn on our kids, say MPs 
Virgin ditches 2Mb broadband, 10Mb now entry-level 
Google mail fail
Real life 'mermaid'

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