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CNET UK Podcast 118: Hottest news from CES and Macworld 2009

In this week's show, Nate, Andrew and Jason discuss the latest news from Macworld and CES, including a special report with Ian, live from Las Vegas, where it was snowing, apparently

To help you celebrate the Bank of England's lowest interest rates for 300 years, here's a CNET UK Podcast packed full of news from the show floors of the Macworld and Consumer Electronics Show technology expos, from the mouths of Nate, Andrew and bossman Jason Jenkins.

We've got all the gossip concerning the announcement that Apple CEO Steve Jobs is, in fact, not dead, together with our opinions on the recession-defying £2,000 MacBook Pro and iTunes going completely DRM-free.

We'll tell you why you shouldn't worry about the pranksters trying to send you dangerous messages to your Nokia phones, how Britney's Twitter profile revealed intimate personal details to her followers, and how the RIAA isn't going to sue dead people any more. Unless they keep being naughty, that is.

Nate waxes lyrical about a new documentary called MacHeads in Crave, and talks about how this forthcoming film documents the history of the obsessive world of Apple fanboys. Andrew also discusses MSI's affordable competitor to the MacBook Air, the MSI X-Slim 320.

Then we bring you a special report from the floor of CES, thanks to Ian 'it's-bloody-snowing-in-Las-Vegas' Morris and the joys of international calling. Having been at the keynotes, presentations and product launches, Ian's now got piles. Nope, we're not joking -- he's got piles of hands-on reports to talk about.

Thanks to you lot always having questions for us, we had no trouble having problems to answer and advice to give in the feedback section this week. Specifically concerning what headphone upgrades are best, and what you need to know about iTunes Plus.

And as if that wasn't enough, in this week's WTF section we finish the show with news that you might soon be boarding a plane powered by plants. If you know a hippy, drag him from his treehouse and tell him he might soon get to fly to the Burning Man festival without killing the planet.

Don't forget to join us in the CNET UK Podcast Lounge in the forums, with any questions comments or hateful rants.

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