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CNET UK Podcast 117: Goodbye 2008

In the podcast this week we take the obligatory look back at 2008 and discuss all of our favourite news stories. Also included: a scuffle over who had the best WTF story of the last 12 months

In episode 117, we took the opportunity to ignore 2009 for one more week, as Ian, Nate, Kate and Nick discussed the technological dream-fest that was 2008.

In news, we talked about our favourite stories of the year. Kate was fond of the story of a man who had all his possessions given away by a malicious stranger via a fake Craigslist advert. Nate took a shine to 'gay' sounding names being deleted from Xbox Live, and YouTube having to hand over the records of everyone who has ever watched a Viacom video on the site.

We all got excited by the very wonderful and exciting Large Hadron Collider and, especially, Dr Pamela Gay, who came into the office to explain the science to us, in her dulcet tones.

Ian, Nate and Nick compared their red rings of death, and pondered how Microsoft will make money out of its console, now that it's repairing them all for free.

Ian also celebrated the death of HD DVD and looked forward to Windows 7, which might not suck.

In Crave, Kate liked Nate's Sonos hands-on, if only for the headline, which she loves. Nate was overjoyed by the new MacBook, so much so that he actually spent his own money on one. Nick picked our bombproof tech feature as his highlight, mainly because of the inclusion of his 'Jack Nicholson phone'. Ian, on the other hand, got very excited about the Popcorn Hour, which he claims has changed his life.

Kate and Nate both got all giggly about some Asus PCs. Nate loved the Eee PC and Kate was rendered weak at the knees by the N10. Ian, on the other hand, got all gooey about the excellent Pioneer Kuro PDP-LX5090, which was his highest-scoring TV of the year.

In WTF, Kate felt the love for the impressive, but creepy, 'Big Dog' video on YouTube, as well as its hilarious parody. Nate thought that, as far as WTFing went, it was hard to beat Rory's new mobile phone that came with a free penis. Nick took the high ground, by nominating the 'Monkey controls robot with brain' story as his highlight. Ian, on the other hand, suggested that Rory getting drunk on podcast 106 was a true moment of WTF gold.

As always, we answered some of your questions from our forum. If you'd like to ask your friendly CNET experts a question, you can do so in the relevant forum. You can also give podcast-specific feedback in the Podcast Lounge.

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