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CNET UK Podcast 115: Should the Internet be censored?

This week, Ian, Rory and Jason discuss online censorship, celebrate a very special birthday and wonder if the Internet killed the DAB radio station

This week on the CNET UK Podcast, Ian, Jason and Rory joined forces in a triumvirate of technical expertise -- or utter ignorance, depending on your point of view.

On the agenda this week were a multitude of subjects, including the birthday of the mouse -- no, not the one with big black ears -- so we looked back at its life so far, and wonder how much longer it's got to live.

We found out you can turn your iPod touch into an iPhone, as long as you're near a Wi-Fi hotspot and you've got an earphone and microphone knocking about. Rumours that the BBC might open iPlayer up to other broadcasters prove that Auntie takes her orders direct from Crave -- we suggested this ages ago.

Questions were asked about DAB radio, as we discovered that a third of adults in the UK are using the Net to listen to radio stations. Who needs DAB at home when you have a multitude of global radio stations to chose from?

Our special feature this week revolves around a certain wiki-based encyclopaedia and a British Internet foundation. We discuss the issues of censoring an image, and try to establish if it actually does more harm than good.

As always, feedback and questions are welcome via our forums. Use the CNET UK Podcast lounge for show-specific queries, feedback and general banter. You'll also find space for all of your tech questions in the other genre-specific sub-forums.

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