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CNET UK Podcast 114: Finally, music without restrictions

This week on the CNET UK Podcast we got our groove on with MP3 music stores and a new streaming service. We argued about Apple antivirus and heralded the touchscreen Nokia N97

This week on the CNET UK Podcast -- which is number 114, not as Ian 'ahead of his time' Morris thought, 115 -- Ian, Nate and Rory do their best to explain the week's tech news.

First up we celebrated the launch of Nokia's fancy N97. As a trio of N95 owners, there was much excitement about the 32GB of internal storage and the touchscreen. There was also a minor kerfuffle about Apple suggesting that Mac users install a virus scanner.

There was celebration at some new rules for broadband suppliers -- the only chink in the armour is that the code requires ISPs sign up voluntarily. And on Internet-related bad news, we discovered that the BBC, ITV and Channel 4's on-demand video service, Kangaroo, was ruled anti-competitive.

In Crave, Ian got excited about his Klipsch 5.1 speaker system, and Rory extolled the virtues of the Asus G71V, which is superhot, despite looking like Christmas at a chav's caravan. Nate told us about Rich Trenholm's plan to turn Web sites into a series of movies.

Our special feature this week was about a swathe of interesting developments in the world of music services. We bigged-up the Amazon MP3 store and got very excited about music-streaming app Spotify. We were also surprised by a service that lets you sell your DRM-free music.

As always, feedback is welcome, you can talk to us directly in our CNET UK Podcast lounge. You can ask questions or share your knowledge in our specific forums and we'll all try and provide help where needed.

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