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CNET UK Podcast 113: The end of the world will be lovely

Ian, Nate and Andrew talk about a surge in mobile broadband use, express relief that an innocent teacher won't be spending 40 years in jail and we ogle the end of the galaxy

This week Ian, Nate and Andrew are back in the studio to cast a critical eye over the week's happenings and give their opinion on life, the universe and everything.

This week, there was joy at the news that mobile broadband is on the increase, thanks to the iPhone, smartphones like the N95 and, of course, USB dongles, keeping people online when they are away from a wired connection. There was some discussion about the recent iTunes update which requires HD video be played only on a computer connected only to HDCP compliant devices.

There was also some discussion about YouTube going widescreen, Yahoo selling its price comparison site Kelkoo for a fraction of what it paid and musicians and their salaries.

In our special feature this week, Nate spoke to Dr Pamela Gay, who is a visiting assistant professor in Physics at Southern Illinois University and an all-round space-guru. Dr Gay also co-hosts the excellent Astronomy Cast podcast, so she was in a great position to discuss the total lack of any danger from the Large Hadron Collider with Nate, and let us know how beautiful the eventual destruction of our galaxy will be.

This week's WTF was worryingly similar to last week's, in that it involved the photography of a naked person. This time though, the distribution was done by a McDonald's employee who found a mobile phone, and decided the owner might appreciate being an internet celebrity.

As always, feedback about the podcast is welcome in the CNET UK Podcast Lounge. If you have a product specific question for us to answer in the show, pop it in the relevant forum and if it's interesting we may well select it.

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