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CNET UK Podcast 110: Yahoo goes begging to Microsoft

This week on the CNET UK Podcast we discussed Yahoo going cap-in-hand to Microsoft, Flickr reached 3 billion photos and indulged in substantial Nate-bashing

Podcast 110 couldn't have come at a better time: we saw it on the horizon, and now it's here, we've thrown our arms wide and embraced it. This week, Nate, Rich and Ian take a look some interesting news, discussed the coolest gadgets, answered some queries and responded to some criticism.

In this week's news, we laughed at the misfortune of Yahoo, which not so very long ago was rejecting a very generous Microsoft bid, but is now suggesting that Redmond might like to consider another offer. If we were Balmer, we'd slap a crisp one dollar bill on the table and say "Take it, or leave it." We also discovered that Windows 3.x is finally dead, which made some of us quite sad.

We're pleased to note that shops selling unprotected MP3s, instead of DRM-sullied AAC or WMA files, will now be able to do so with an identifying logo. This is excellent news, because it means people can stop buying proprietary nonsense that will be useless if they ever change MP3 players. We also got quite excited about Flickr hosting 3 billion photos, many of which are very good indeed.

In our regular feature, Idiot Watch, we realise this will be the last time we'll be able to ask, "Has Nate bought a Mac?" because he has finally given in to years of Jobsian brainwashing and spent all his pocket money on a MacBook. We discuss his reasons and call him an idiot one last time.

We also talk about new President-elect Barack Obama and the role technology played in getting him to the White House. We're not sure if the same technique will help Gordon Brown with his quest for re-election, though.

There was also some feedback about moaning, whining, Mac-buying Nate Lanxon, so we discussed that, and then Nate proved why we love him by deftly answering a question about cheap, high-quality headphones.

As always, your feedback is welcome in the CNET UK podcast lounge, and if you have specific questions about products, feel free to ask in one of our specific forums. Check out the previous 109 eps here, subscribe in iTunes here, or right-click this link to download the MP3.

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