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CNET UK Editors' Choice winners June 2010

The hot hot heat of summer didn't stop tech makers from releasing some mighty fine gadgets in June -- find out how many earned our seal of approval

The hot hot heat of summer didn't stop tech makers from releasing some mighty fine gadgets in June, with a surprisingly good fashion camera, a behemoth of a laptop, a brutally fast Blu-ray player and some phone no one's ever heard of. How did that get in here?

CNET UK Editors' Choice winners June 2010

Apple iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 is the best of a breed that created the touchscreen phone revolution. Its screen is as sharp as a razor and its camera has been bumped up from dismal to decent, but the best part is what's made every iPhone so craveable -- it's simply a pleasure to use. Be warned: an antenna problem that causes the signal to drop when you grab it left-handed means that, like its predecessors, it makes a better mobile Web surfer, social networker and media player than it does an actual phone. But when there's this much fun to be had, who cares? We'll call you back when we're finished playing Peggle. Read our full Apple iPhone 4 review.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX5

We don't usually expect photographic excellence from cameras with sliding frontplates, so the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX5 blindsided us by being so darn tasty. The 10.2-megapixel snapper sports an outstanding touchscreen, and benefits from exceptionally fast autofocus. Features include Sony's clever sweep panorama feature and a burst mode that fires a blisteringly super-speedy 10 full-resolution frames in a single second. But what really took us by surprise was the camera's ruggedness: it looks like a style-focused snapper, but it's waterproof and drop-proof -- making it the perfect summer choice for the beach and the cocktail bar. Read our full Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX5 review.


If you're an HD fan, there's absolutely no doubt at all that Sky HD is the best possible service for you. Sky has more HD sport, movie and general entertainment channels than any other platform in the UK. What's more, its Sky+ recording functionality is superb. If you forget to set the box to record your favourite show, just hop on the Sky TV guide Web site, and you can set the box from wherever you are in the world. It's not the cheapest setup, but for high-definition content and sheer ease of use, we haven't seen anything that bests Sky+HD. Read our full Sky+HD review.

Alienware M17x (Core i7)

The Alienware M17x with Intel's Core i7 CPU takes everything we loved about the previous M17x and makes it better. A radical design, phenomenal gaming performance and a glorious LED-backlit keyboard make this the greatest gaming laptop on the scene at the moment. It's impossible to know how long the M17x's hardware will be cutting-edge, but for now, Alienware reigns supreme. Read our full Alienware M17x (Core i7) review.

Samsung BD-C6900

We've never seen a player load Blu-ray movies as quickly as the C6900. We've also never seen a machine that can do as much as this Samsung can. Not only are 3D Blu-ray movies supported, but you can stream video from YouTube, LoveFilm and eventually, the BBC's iPlayer. It may cost £300, but we can't help think that it does an awful lot to justify its hefty price tag. It's no slouch in terms of picture quality either, stunning us with both 3D material and standard 1080p HD video. Read our full Samsung BD-C6900 review.