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CNET UK Alerts smash stories into your inbox with extreme prejudice

We've recently added a new feature that cleverly pings you an email when we publish a story about something you're interested in -- it's dead simple too.

Hello there, lovely reader! Hope you're having a charming afternoon. We thought we'd drop you a line about a new feature we've just put up, which cleverly pings you an email when we publish a story about something you're interested in.

It's that little mail icon up there on the left, under the alarming headline, where it says 'Alert'. Click the text and a box will pop up that lets you configure your very own bespoke email newsletter, so, whenever we publish a similar story, you'll be automagically notified.

If you choose an alert in Crave, you can be notified of any story we publish in that channel -- mobile phones, say -- or the companies involved in that specific story. Hit the button in this story on Tesla's lawsuit against Top Gear, for example, and you have the option to be notified on Car Tech stories and/or those about Tesla or the BBC. Just give it a title and click 'create alert'.

Reviews have alerts too, at the top right of every review page. You can choose a channel, such as tablets, or companies, such as Apple, or a specific product, such as the Apple iPad 2. That means never again will you miss any of our fawning/overly critical (delete according to perception of bias) Apple coverage. If you set notifications on a preview, you'll know straight away when we publish our full review.

All alerts can be set to daily, weekly or monthly options, so you can stay up to the minute or have a useful periodical digest of how a particular story is progressing.

You might also have noticed there's now the ability to set up alerts if someone else posts a comment on a story you've commented on, or chips in with a user review on a product you've reviewed -- this makes it easier to follow a conversation.

You can manage all your alerts from your user account. Let us know how you get on and if you find it useful. Do you have any other ideas for features like this? The comments section is ready and waiting for your luminous pearls of wisdom.