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CNET special feature: Ten Net laws

The demise of the Communications Decency Act was just the beginning of the U.S. government's struggle to regulate activity on the unruly Internet.

When the Supreme Court struck down the controversial Communications Decency Act in June 1997, free speech See CNET special feature: 10 laws the Net needs advocates and various Net groups rejoiced. However, the end of the CDA marked the beginning of the U.S. government's struggle to control the unruly activity on the Internet.

More than 50 bills are on the agenda for Congress, dealing with issues ranging from Net taxation and e-commerce to pornography, gambling, privacy, and spam. And the United States is not alone--the European Union and China also have been actively working on Internet policy.

CNET's feature examines the issues at hand by drafting ten laws of its own--some of which tackle issues already being debated in Congress, others addressing new problems. Along with each law is an electronic ballot, so readers can weigh in and join the discussion.