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CNET Showcase discussion: Slates vs. Netbooks

Can the iPad be stopped? Rafe talks with CNET experts Dan Ackerman and Donald Bell about the ultraportable computer market and what iPad has that Netbooks don't.

Our second live CNET Showcase event was all about the market for smaller-than-laptop computers: Slates, tablets, and Netbooks. We brought Dan Ackerman out from our New York office to argue with Donald Bell about the merits of different technologies and platforms, in front of a live audience.

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The video above is our discussion, in which we focus a lot on Apple's iPad and what it took to give it the market position it has: more than 3 million devices sold since it first came out, into a market that no other company has been able to crack in 10 years.

We had seven vendors out to demo their products, too. Brian Cooley is doing a wrap-up video of the new gear, which will post on Monday.