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CNET Search in 2016

We're working to improve the CNET search experience. What do you think?

Hello! CNET Product Manager Tristan Rinehart here, with an update on the state of the search experience!

Entering text in a search box and waiting for a new page to load a list of results is no fun. There's no guarantee the results will contain anything relevant, and the whole process may be a waste of time. These days, most people expect to see suggestions appear as they type in the search box. Suggestions are great because they provide a preview of what's available and reduce the need for accurate spelling. We call it AutoSuggest, and it's almost here.

Actually, AutoSuggest has been part of CNET search for over a year, but it's about to get better. Soon Now you'll see a wider array of suggestions, not just popular products. Also, you'll be able to click on suggestions to go directly to the thing you want without wasting your time with a results page.

There's a lot more coming, so stay tuned.


AutoSuggest in a nutshell

Rinehart, Tristan

Thanks! Please tell us how searching on CNET has or hasn't worked for you or just share your ideas about searching in the comments below. I promise to read all of them :)