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CNET revamps Monitor Buying Guide

CNET updates it's Monitor Guide to reflect changes in LCD monitor technologies and arm you with all the info you need to select a new monitor.

Josh Miller/CNET

Starting next week, the holiday season drops on us like an object of infinite mass hurled from the moon at the speed of light. Keep your eyes open in the coming weeks for a number of CNET holiday guides.

Sometimes, though a guide specific to the holidays isn't enough and you need something a bit more...all encompassing.

CNET's Monitor Buying Guide has been around for a while, but we felt it really wasn't addressing all that it could. So we revamped it. Check it out and let us know how it can be improved upon even more. Is there any aspect of purchasing a monitor we neglected? Would you like to see more detail on what we have included? Is there anything inaccurate?

If so, leave a comment or send an e-mail. This is a work in progress, so feel free to offer anything constructive.