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CNET Radio: Live at Comdex

Listen in as CNET Radio talks to the people who matter at this year's tech confab in Las Vegas.

What's on the mind of IT executives at Comdex Fall 2002? Which companies have the coolest products? CNET Radio talks to technology luminaries to get the information you need to know.

Click on the links below to listen to interviews. Or, listen live from the show floor.

Tuesday, Nov. 19
• Corel CEO Derek Burney talks about the need to "dumb down" the concept of XML for the masses, and repurposing Web content for handheld devices. Listen now

• The Segway HT made a splash this week, going on sale to the public on Amazon.com. Segway President George Muller talks to CNET Radio about the scooter's popularity and some legal hurdles the company is addressing. Listen now

• Wireless Net access is growing, led by the boom in Wi-Fi connections. Boingo CEO Sky Dayton talks about bringing together the "fragmented world" of Wi-Fi under his company's service. Listen now

• Wireless isn't just for cell phones anymore. Intel's Simon Ellis talks about Intel's interest in Bluetooth and what's next for the wireless communications technology. Listen now

• BlackBerry gets juicier with walkie-talkie functionality. Nextel's Greg Santoro talks about the Nextel BlackBerry 6510 and how it benefits businesspeople on the go. Listen now

• What's new with PalmSource? CEO David Nagle talks about the benefits of the Palm OS 5 operating system and updates the Comdex crowd on PalmSource's plans as an independent company. Listen now

Monday, Nov. 18
• What's special at this year's show? Kim Myhre, president of Key3Media, outlines some of the hot spots at this year's Comdex. Also: What you need to know while navigating the show floor. Listen now

• The tech industry is "alive and well and very healthy," says Irving Wladawsky-Berger, vice president of IBM's server group. The market's current malaise is simply a "dot-com hangover," he says. Listen now

• eBay University makes its first appearance at Comdex, with more than 300 attendees the first day. Manager Todd Lutwak explains what classes will be offered during the tech confab. Listen now

• What do you think was the No. 1 selling product in personal computing for the first nine months of the year? Think ink, says NPDTechWorld's Steven Baker. Listen now

•  Microsoft Product Manager Bobby Moore talks about OneNote, the company's new software application that lets consumers take notes on a desktop, laptop or tablet PC. The product is due out in mid-2003. Listen now