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CNET podcast feeds fixed!

Enclosure tags will now be added to MP3 files in our podcast feeds by default.

Last week, I blanketed a number of our podcast blogs with a post describing the issues we've been having with our audio podcast RSS feeds. The issue involved Feedburner not picking out the MP3 links in our blog posts and adding enclosure tags to them, an essential part to podcasting a feed.

After working with the folks at Google, we realized that the exact cause of the issue wasn't absolutely certain, but the hunches all revolved around the same key issue. This involved Feedburner's inability to detect the proper file type from our MP3 links in the feed. What was so puzzling about this is that on one day, a link would identify as an audio file. On another day, that same link would not, thereby removing the enclosure tag from the podcast feed.

I'm happy to report that there has now been a change to how Feedburner detects enclosurable files within a feed. If Feedburner detects an MP3 link within a feed, it will assume that the link is an audio file and identify it as such. So whether a file server is having a hiccup that results in the file not identifying as an audio file, Feedburner will still assume it is an MP3 link and add the enclosure tag to it.

Hooray! I really hope this fixes this problem going forward. Big thanks to the Google team for their time investigating this issue and rolling out a solution. And thank you so much for your patience as a podcast subscriber. Seriously. And hey, who knows. Maybe some of you enjoyed the video versions of our shows enough to keep watching!