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CNET News Daily Podcast:The battery charger that will infect your computer

On today's podcast: A battery charger that will infect your computer, spying Webcam admins get suspended, Steve Jobs goes to the Oscars, and more.

Users of an Energizer USB-powered battery recharger may find themselves infected with malware. The solution? You can use the product perfectly well without the software.

Also: Lower Merion School District admins get suspended; Steve Jobs appears at Oscars; and four out of five people say Web access is a fundamental right.


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Backdoor found in Energizer DUO USB battery charger

Police get Webcam pictures in school spy case

Steve Jobs spotted at the Oscars; iPad ad runs

BBC survey: Net access is basic right

Online retailers poised for further growth

Microsoft demos game across PC, mobile, and console platforms

Apple drops price of Mac Developer Program to $99

This week's Google acquisition: DocVerse