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CNET News Daily Podcast: Why some developers might work late tonight

Google's YouTube strategy; guessing what's next for Apple; and servers struggle to find their place in the living room.

An unlikely drama is playing out in, of all places, the security research field. Researcher Dan Kaminsky says that earlier this year, he discovered a serious flaw in the Domain Name System that drives the Internet. He's spent the last few months coordinating a huge project to get the flaw patched by all necessary companies before disclosing details about the flaw. But now a fellow researcher has taken a public guess at what the flaw was. And whether he's right or not, Kaminsky is warning companies to patch their software immediately. Reporter Robert Vamosi joins me in the podcast studio to talk about the story.

Viacom's CEO doesn't publicly badmouth Google very often. But at a small press conference Monday night, he made an exception. CNET News' Greg Sandoval has the story on why Viacom thinks Google failed to crack down on copyright issues on YouTube.

Also, a financial warning from Apple gets people guessing what new products might be unveiled this year, and is the home server an idea ahead of its time? Get those stories and the rest of today's news in this podcast.

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