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CNET News Daily Podcast: What the financial crisis means to tech start-ups

How tech start-ups can cope with the financial crisis; new rumors from Apple on iPhone 2.2 software; playing Nintendo Wii from your hotel room; braving the spandex to suit up for Iron Man's motion capture technology.

Tech start-ups are at high risk during this financial crisis since they can't get credit and venture capital money is drying up. Webware editor Rafe Needleman offers some words of encouragement and advice for staying afloat during these rough times.

Apple is rumored to soon be releasing its 2.2 software update for the iPhone. According to Apple sources, expect this one to include a refit of Safari to read better on the handheld and an update to the App Store. Searching for applications by category is rumored to get easier, and Apple will supposedly only let people who have actually purchased them to write reviews.

Next time you're booking a hotel stay, keep this next little bit of news in mind. Several hotels in the Marriott chain will now be offering in-room Nintendo Wiis with a selection of 20 games.

In celebration of the Iron Man release on DVD, I paid a visit to Industrial Light and Magic's San Francisco offices to try out the motion capture technology firsthand. Learn how visual effects teams create those great movie moments, and catch this reporter in spandex, impersonating Iron Man. Or in this case, Iron Woman.

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