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CNET News Daily Podcast: Tiffany comes up with a lump of goal

What the Tiffany decision means for Web commerce; Yahoo vs Icahn: it's not over by a long shot; and Google and Radiohead: a match made for the Web?

CNET News' Declan McCullagh explains why a federal judge's decision may have potentially major implications for Internet auction sites. Even though the court was sympathetic to the problems Tiffany faces with counterfeit products on auction sites, the ruling found that trademark law can't be used to compel eBay to police listings.

Carl Icahn and Yahoo are stepping up their confrontation. After a SEC filing by Icahn and a warning from CEO Jerry Yang to his employees, the old Godfather phrase about "going to the mattresses" seems more than apt. CNET News' Dawn Kawamoto has the latest recap.

Plus, what brings together the geeks from Google and the British rock band Radiohead? Why, technology, of course. Read on--and then take a listen.

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