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CNET News Daily Podcast: Taking a spin with Microsoft Sphere

One satellite radio station to rule them all; will Intel be inside Apple's new MacBooks; and unfortunate news for Scrabulous fans.

Microsoft recently pulled an operating system switcharoo--a la the Folgers taste test or the Pepsi Challenge--on a focus group with the hopes of changing public perception of Windows Vista. Now the company has posted some of the videos of people's reactions online. But will the marketing scheme work? And separately, while in Redmond, reporter Ina Fried got an up-close look at an experimental research project, called Sphere. News intern Holly Jackson checks in with Ina on both those stories.

Also in this podcast: after a 17-month antitrust saga, satellite radio companies Sirius and XM are now one; a new line of MacBooks expected to arrive soon might not include Intel's Montevina chipset; IBM's trying to reduce the number of "senior moments" people have (demo video embedded below); and Beijing considers emergency measures to improve its polluted air in time for the Olympics.

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