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CNET News Daily Podcast: Snow Leopard's disappearing trick explained

Why is Apple's new Snow Leopard OS gobbling up some users' files? We sit down with CNET's Erica Ogg to talk about the rare problem and what Apple is doing about it.

A big problem with Apple's latest operating system (dubbed Snow Leopard) is affecting a very small segment of users, who've seen some very important files gone missing--like, all of them. We get CNET Senior Writer Erica Ogg in the studio to talk about the problem and what Apple is doing to fix it. Also mentioned is a temporary fix that works as long as people have some sort of backup they were using prior to the data loss.

We also talk about Cisco's new multibillion-dollar acquisition, Pepsi's controversial iPhone app, and Nokia's first foray into the world of Netbooks. Tune in to get the scoop.


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