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CNET News Daily Podcast: Prepping for Nexus One and CES

On the podcast: CES preview, laptop news leaks, and the Google Nexus One announcement.

Google watchers are eagerly awaiting a press conference tomorrow at which Google is expected to announce full details about its new mobile phone, the Nexus One. The phone was leaked to the world in December via a program that put the phone in the hands of thousands of Google employee testers, in a process known as "dogfooding."

Also, the Consumer Electronics Show starts officially on Thursday in Las Vegas. It's the consumer tech industry's big launch event, and CNET reporters and reviewers will be there in force. To give us a preview of CES, we have on the show today CNET executive editor Lindsey Turrentine.

Plus: Leaked tidbits of laptop news; Chrome passes Safari; and where not to watch adult content.


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