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CNET News Daily Podcast: Microsoft shakes up security

Microsoft says it will now offer its antivirus software for free; Psystar's legal claims against Apple get shot down; and Steve Ballmer wonders when everyone will stop asking him about Yahoo.

Microsoft is causing a stir in the security world by dropping the fee for its antivirus software. That might be great news for security in general. But if people come to expect the service for free, where does that leave the companies that focus solely on security? Reporters Ina Fried and Elinor Mills join me in the podcast studio to talk about it.

Also in this podcast: Psystar's countersuit against Apple is all but dead; start-up has designs on ditching the lithium in consumer gadget batteries; there's a new Internet in outer space; and Microsoft says--again--that it's moved on from its proposed takeover of Yahoo. When will the rest of the world give up on the idea?

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