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CNET News Daily Podcast: Microsoft on Zune, Windows 7 upgrade pricing

Microsoft talks up its vision for its Zune brand, and announced Windows 7 family pack pricing.

CNET News reporter Ina Fried got a chance to speak with Microsoft Entertainment division president Robbie Bach, and finds out more about the company's vision for the Zune brand, including bringing it to the Xbox 360. Bach also talked about the latest project, Natal, and bringing the already-behind schedule Windows Mobile 7 to market next year.

Also on Friday's podcast: Microsoft announces family pack pricing for Windows 7, a grad student is found liable for swapping music files online, Google lobbies for laws on book copyrights, and we check in with reporter Daniel Terdiman's now-finished yearly Road Trip feature.


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Microsoft's Bach on Zune, Natal, and Windows Mobile

Microsoft prices Windows 7 family pack

BU student found liable in music file-swapping case

Wrapping up Road Trip 2009: A traveler's post-mortem

Google pushes for new law on orphan books