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CNET News Daily Podcast: Light shed on Apple App Store approvals

Apple begins to shed light on the App Store approval process; Sweden orders the Pirate Bay shut down; Nokia enters Netbook game; Apple announces ship date for Snow Leopard, and more.

Responses to the FCC's request for comment on how and why apps are approved (or not) for the Apple iTunes App Store came in at the end of last week. Today, we look at the responses from Apple, AT&T, and Google. Also: good and bad news for Pirate Bay founders; Snow Leopard ships early; Nokia enters the Netbook game, and more.


Today's stories:

Apple sheds light on App Store approval process

Apple to ship Mac OS X Snow Leopard Aug. 28

Swedish court orders shutdown of The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay founders win debt-collection decision

Jailed SF network administrator faces fewer charges

Ellison's salary drops to $1

Nokia gets into the Netbook game

Rhapsody trys subscription music iPhone app

Facebook's hiring like crazy again