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Tech Industry

CNET News Daily Podcast: iPhone gets promoted to the boardroom

How Apple's iPhone is making inroads in corporate IT; Sun lays off thousands of employees; and Barack Obama brings the presidential address into the 21st century.

Apple reporter Tom Krazit drops by the studio to talk about how Apple's iPhone, largely ignored by IT departments in its first generation, is now making its way into more and more companies' tech arsenal.

Also in this podcast: Sun Microsystems announces it's laying off up to 6,000 employees; Barack Obama says he'll post his weekly public addresses to YouTube; eBay shuts down inauguration ticket scams; and Netflix's CEO dreams of radical change in the realm of home TVs.

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Today's stories:

Businesses warming up to the iPhone

Sun chops heads: Can it get any respect?

Sun restructures, lays off up to 6,000

Video game sales soar in October

Obama to deliver weekly address via YouTube

eBay halts inauguration ticket sales

Encrypting hard drives on their way

Netflix: Wiimote, browser make for fab Web TV