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CNET News Daily Podcast: IE 8 beta gets good early review

Newest Internet Explorer 8 beta gets high marks for its security features; Google announces its Android app "market"; and a possible culprit in iPhone 3G flakiness.

The second public beta of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 is out, and according to CNET's Robert Vamosi, it just might give other mainstream browsers a run for their money.

The iPhone OS 2.0.2 software: To upgrade or not to upgrade? Two stories this week might give iPhone owners pause. First, RoughlyDrafted Magazine writes that a source inside AT&T suspects reception problems plaguing many iPhone 3G users are based on faulty power-control software inside the phone. The 2.0.2 update was intended to fix this problem, according to the source, and the more people who upgrade, the better reception will get.

But upgraders, beware: another report says the iPhone 2.0.2 software has a hole that can open up users' mail, text messages, voice messages, and browser to anyone who gets hold of the phone. So if you do upgrade your device, just be sure not to lose it.

Also in today's podcast: Google has announced details on its Android Market, an online resource for Android-based apps and services; and a handheld sensor that detects cancer in patients' breath could be on the horizon.

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