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CNET News Daily Podcast: How Craigslist aids prostitution and police

CNET News reporters Greg Sandoval and Declan McCullagh discuss the high-profile suit brought against the online classifieds site by an Illinois sheriff over prostitution.

Tom Dart, sheriff of Cook County, Ill., says Craigslist is the largest source of prostitution in the country and is suing the site to stop placement of advertisements for such services. But the other side of the story is that the site has also been a goldmine for law enforcement to make arrests for those perpetrating such crimes. CNET News reporters Greg Sandoval and Declan McCullagh talk about how the site helps sex workers weed out violent customers and aids police in catching those who prostitute children.

Also on today's podcast: Boxee sneaks Hulu back onto its service, an underground store for iPhone apps, and the conference you go to when you don't have a job.

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