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CNET News Daily Podcast: Great spots for globetrotting geeks

An interview with the author of a travel guide for lovers of science, math, and technology. Also Windows 7 might come via a thumb drive and the iPhone porn flap.

What are the best destination spots for globetrotting geeks? Programmer John Graham-Cumming traveled the world to find out. His recently published book, "The Geek Atlas," is a travel guide for lovers of science, math, and technology. CNET intern Dara Kerr got Graham-Cumming on the phone from London to talk about the book, and some of his favorite geek hotspots.

Also on today's podcast: Quashing rumors about the future of the Beatles' catalogue in the wake of Michael Jackson's death, Windows 7 might come to Netbooks via a thumb drive, Apple makes a statement about yesterday's iPhone porn app flap, and HP turns the iPhone into one of its classic calculators.

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