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CNET News Daily Podcast: Foursquare drives location-based apps buzz

Webware associate editor Josh Lowensohn talks about the appeal of mobile friend-finding apps like Foursquare.

Even though Google bought and subsequently shuttered niche mobile app Dodgeball early this year, the location-based apps category is going strong. Dodgeball's creator has a very similar follow-up product out that's gaining lots of buzz due to its debut at the SXSW conference last month. Foursquare, as this one is called, is a mobile app that helps people find old friends and make new friends while out on the town. CNET's Josh Lowensohn stops by to talk about the broader appeal of this newly popular category of mobile applications.

Also in today's podcast: the Conficker worm comes out of hiding; the French parliament votes against antipiracy law; and Major League Baseball's new video-streaming platform already sees glitches.

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