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CNET News Daily Podcast: Borders survey mentions Apple 'iPad'

Today on the podcast: The mythical Apple iPad, the looming end of the line for PowerPC Macs, a new Netbook operating system, an interview with our Microsoft expert on the Word patent lawsuit, and what Google is doing in Paris with tricycles.

Is it a hoax, a blunder, or a real leak that's telling us that an upcoming Apple tablet will compete with the Amazon Kindle? A Borders Books survey asks customers if they're planning on buying an "iPad" e-reader.

In other broken news, yet another Mac app goes Intel-only, Twitter may be shutting down follower spam, MySpace said to be buying iLike, Google explores Paris by tricycle, and more.


Today's stories:

Borders survey presumes a future 'iPad' e-reader

Adobe's next Lightroom to forsake PowerPC Macs

Ina Fried Interview: Judge orders Microsoft to stop selling Word

Mozilla nudges Firefox users to latest version

Twitter going after buy-more-followers services?

Huffington Post, Facebook sync up on social news

MySpace to acquire iLike?

TomTom $99 GPS app heads to iPhone

Final chapter coming in HP spying scandal

Where will Google send its new Street View tricycles?