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CNET News Daily Podcast: BlackBerry Storm on the horizon

Judge keeps RealDVD restraining order in place; alleged Sarah Palin hacker gets indicted; and chatting up Bonnie Cha about the first touch-screen BlackBerry.

RealNetworks failed to convince a judge Tuesday to lift a restraining order prohibiting it from selling RealDVD. That means RealDVD is unlikely to reappear in the marketplace for at least another month. U.S. District Judge Marilyn Patel indicated she wouldn't be available for another hearing until after November 17.

Yahoo is planning to start a beta test of a major overhaul of its online calendar Wednesday. The new site has a more polished Web 2.0 interface--with drag-and-drop abilities, color-coded entries, Flickr image backdrops, and a slick "zoom" feature that expands a single day's schedule to a usefully large size when browsing in the monthly view.

And the first-ever touch-screen BlackBerry was officially unveiled Tuesday night. CNET mobile reviewer Bonnie Cha joins Kara Tsuboi to talk about what she saw during a hands-on with the BlackBerry Storm.

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