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Tech Industry

CNET News Daily Podcast: Bing eyes Apple turf

What a Microsoft Bing app for the iPhone might look like, plus other headlines of the day.

CNET News reporter Ina Fried talks about what a Microsoft Bing app for the iPhone might look like. Plus, we run down other headlines of the day, including an official announcement of the Comcast/NBC Universal deal and some good news for online retailers.


Today's stories:

Comcast snags NBC Universal to build $37 billion venture

ComScore: So far, online holiday sales are up

Study: 'Digital abuse' hits half of youth

Google Earth peers into California's eco-future

Google wants to unclog Net's DNS plumbing

Phone photo quality interests Google, Microsoft

Bing's iPhone plans (and more)

Bing Maps Beta: Very cool, but limited

Report: Video games possibly coming to Redbox

Orangutan takes photos, shares them on Facebook