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One week until CNET's newest show Tomorrow Daily launches

Only 7 days remain until Tomorrow Daily hits the site; are you ready? Hosts Ashley Esqueda and Rich DeMuro have one last preview for you to check out.

With just one week left until Tomorrow Daily launches, we're working like crazy to get all the final pieces in place. We've already shown you two previews to familiarize you with myself and Rich (our "Would You Rather" and our "Tech Obsessed" musings), but we've got one last preview today explaining a little more about the show itself.

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Tomorrow Daily is a talk show about the day's tech news, sure. But it's also about having fun, and including your opinions and interests. We want to talk about everything that touches tech, and we bet you do, too. To me, technology has always been fun, and my personal goal for Tomorrow Daily is to make you feel like you're settling in at your favorite space cantina after work to relax and talk about gadgets with your pals.

Even though we'll be juggling E3 on top of our regular schedules this week, we're firing up the machine that is Tomorrow Daily, and we hope you'll come along for the ride.