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CNET LIVE: This week's guest...the iPhone!

In this installment of CNET Live, the fellas take a closer look at the Apple iPhone to see whether it's worth the hype. Also: our Crave picks, the Download of the Week, as well as your calls and tech questions.

OK, so we weren't able to book the iPhone this week (it had previous engagements) but Tom and Brian did snag the next best thing--iPhone experts. And they aren't just some Joes off the street. CNET Reviews Senior Editors Donald Bell and Kent German will be joining us on CNET Live! Cooley, German and Bell will look under the hood of the iPhone and discuss whether it's worth the hype, or just a bunch of tripe.

Speaking of Apple, CNET Live will feature the best of this year's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), with fresh videos of Steve Jobs talking business, straight up. Plus, Veronica Belmont's Eye on the iPhone segment will reveal what's churning in today's iPhone rumor mill.

And more: Tom's and Brian's Crave picks, Download of the Week, as well as the Best of the Web. And like every week, the boys will be taking your calls at 888-900-CNET up to 20 minutes before the show. Call early to get a chance to be CNET Live's first caller of the show!

Make sure to take a bite of this week's Apple-themed show, and watch Tom and Brian in all their tech glory today at 1 p.m. PDT.