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CNET Live Tech Rehearsal is smashing -- literally

Setting up for the CNET Live rehearsal, the crew heard the lovely sound of broken glass echo out of the studio.

This morning as the studio was getting set in order for the CNET Live rehearsal we heard the always-jarring sound of shattering glass. Several folks ran to the scene to render assistance only to be shooed away by a chagrined cameraman. It's bad enough when you break something, it sucks when people all rush to see. But we just wanted to make sure he was OK. The rehearsal itself went well. We had some glitches with looking at the right cameras and some wrangling over the order of stuff. technically everything worked well except a couple dead batteries. Our very own Cheryl filled in admirably for our first guest Justin from Justin.TV. All in all Brian and I feel pretty good about it. We rehearse again next Wednesday then the live show hits the air, taking your calls on CNET TV. Fire up the old browser at 4 PM eastern, 1 PM Pacific on Thursday April 12 and get ready to phone in. (Number still being determined) We can't wait! --Tom