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CNET Live: Episode 97

It's CNET Live's 2-year-anniversary and we celebrate by taking your calls. And with whiskey.

It's CNET Live's two-year anniversary and we celebrate by taking your calls. And with whiskey.

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Things we crave:

New PSP to take on iPhone this Christmas?

GM, Segway partner on two-wheel city vehicle

Download of the week

Pod to PC 2.5

New York auto show

Ford Transit Connect Family One

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Your video calls:

Teresa from Irvine (we call her RogueTess) asked about live-streaming video on an iPhone and how to record audio on the iPhone. Jailbroken iPhones can do a lot of live streaming. Qik has announced support for the iPhone. Its official app is not yet available in the iTunes store. Brian Tong recommends HT Professional recorder as a voice recorder for the iPhone. Express Scribe is transcription software for turning audio into text.

Your calls:

Solving Vista sleep problems usually involves updating drivers, often for more than one component. See this blog as an example of one story.

There are a few ways to take a portion of your screen and display just that part on another monitor. Windows users can use magnifier. Hardware solutions exist, like the $5,000 Folsom Image Pro HD which we use on CNET Live. More reasonably priced at around $300 is the TwinPact100. These hardware solutions take your video out and then allow you to zoom, pan, and resize the output. You could also try using CamTwist to send video to another computer.

The iPod Touch 2G supports headphones with a mic, just like the iPhone does, but the original iPod Touch does not. For the original iPod Touch, Brian Tong recommends Macally iVoice III. Brian Cooley pointed out you could use something like the Alesis ProTrack, too.

If you have your computer hooked up to your TV, is there a way to get keyboard and mouse functionality in a one-handed device? It's possible to mod the Wii remote to be an input device for a PC, although our caller said he tried that and couldn't make it work. Logitech makes a keyboard mouse wireless combo unit, but it's not one-handed. Then there's the AirMouse that allows you to use gestures to control the pointer on a computer. There are a lot of onscreen keyboard apps out there, though. Look in places that deal in software for tablet PCs. One open-source version that seems fairly popular is the Java Virtual Keyboard.

If you want to share screens between a Mac and PC, try LogMeIn or Yugma.

Ypops provides Pop access to Yahoo Mail. Getmail can retrieve mail for one or more accounts. E-mail us!
Whether it's a regular text note, or a recorded video question, you can send it to Keep your videos to 15 seconds or less, post them to a Web site like YouTube, and then e-mail us the link.