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CNET Live - Episode 91

We go dancing with the Woz and undress the Kindle.

We go dancing with the Woz and undress the Kindle.

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Things we crave:

Kindle 2 gets naked

Alesis ProTrack

Download of the Week

Google Toolbar

Product Spotlight

Kindle 2

Dancing with the Woz Be sure to watch AppleByte for Brian Tong's interview with Apple creator Steve Wozniak as he prepares for "Dancing with the Stars."

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Your video calls:

Nafid in Malta wants to know if he can use Apple's virtual desktop, called Spaces, in one monitor, but have a single desktop in another monitor. The answer is no. However, there are some alternatives to Spaces you can explore and maybe petition the developers to try to add that feature.

Your calls:

If you want to buy a laptop for running Windows and Mac, the MacBook is probably your best bet. However Xadacka let us know on Twitter about the Leo4All project, which aims to provide an installable OS X Leopard for everyone.

Need to sync an iPod two more than one computer? Watch Molly's video for the scoop. You can also sync an iPhone with two computers. Here are some steps for that.

Teresa wanted to get an easy backup solution for her daughter's Mac. Brian Tong recommends Carbon Copy Cloner for backing up to an external drive. Tom likes JungleDisk for backing up to an online location.

Molly uses a program called DVD Shrink to legally backup DVDs. E-mail us!
Whether it's a regular text note, or a recorded video question, you can send it to Keep your videos to 15 seconds or less, post them to a Web site like YouTube, and then e-mail us the link.