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CNET Live - Episode 9 - Show Notes

All the links and things to know about this week's episode of CNET Live.

Our best show yet. No disrespect to previous guests and callers but this show just rocked! Thanks again to the rag Dolls for coming on and schooling me!

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Things we Crave

Anti-spying undergarments

Speed Racer's 'Mach 5' comes to life.

Insider Secrets

Keith writes, "Everybody stresses the importance of backing up important data, but nobody addresses the unfortunate lack of technology available to do so. How do I backup my data without spending a fortune?" - We've got some of the answers to Keith's conundrum on today's Insider Secret.

Back up your hard drive Special guests, video gaming team, The Frag Dolls/

Download of the Week

Opera Web Browser

First Look

HTC Touch.

Best of the Web

NuTsie Your calls

Best digital picture frames

Dual boot Windows Vista and Linux.

Archos 404 PVP.