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CNET Live - Episode 89

Words, words, words. We're all about e-readers and obscure vocabulary today.

Words, words, words. We're all about e-book readers and obscure vocabulary today.

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Things we crave:

Plastic Logic eReader.

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Save the words

First Look:

Introducing Kindle 2

Download of the week:

Miro 2.0

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Take a look at the new widgets you can embed on your blog or social network. Your video calls:

John in Israel wants to know about getting radio on his iPhone. In the U.S. you can get applications like iRadio, FlyTunes, Public Radio, AOL radio, and so on. I like the Radio app from Interesect World LLC. It gives you NOAA, emergency radio, and worldwide stations. However, those apps may not all be available in the U.S.. An add-on device like Griffin Navigate, will add an FM tuner to the iPhone. The Navigate is $60.

Ramin from Vancouver wants a product similar to Apple's iLife for Windows. Windows Movie Maker or Jahshaka are your options for video editing. Picasa would be our pick as an alternative to iPhoto. We like Audacity for audio editing but if you want the music-creation aspects of Garage Band, try Mixcraft.

Your calls:

If you want to back up apps from a jailbroken iPhone, try AptBackup or Jailbroken backup.

If your Windows Vista machine is constantly using the hard drive, it's probably just indexing the drive. If you want to check to make sure, download FileMon.

Windows Aero doesn't seem to work int he Virtual Machines we've tried, so you won't see all the fancy effects in Windows 7 like the preview of the app in it's taskbar tab.

If you're looking for a good entry-level DSLr, see our list of top-rated. My wife uses the Canon Rebel XS and loves it.

You can turn an old computer into a server with an OEM version of Windows Home Server, installing FreeNAS, or just get a Linux distro like Debian and put Apache on it.

Some security cameras require Internet Explorer with ActiveX to work properly. That's a problem for Mac users. Brian Tong suggests a virtualization like VMware, so you can run IE. That's probably the best way. Youc ould also play around with an ActiveX plugin for Firefox.

If the hooks on your heat sink break, you'd have to do some soldering. If that means soldering aluminum, ugh. But here's the link Cooley found for tips to soldering aluminum.

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