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CNET Live - Episode 87

Ben Heckendorn joins us to share his secrets of modding.

Ben Heckendorn, famous for modding game consoles into laptop form factors, joins us from deep in the heart of his garage in Wisconsin. Get a glimpse of what he's working on now.

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Things we crave:

Fast Finger Keyboard has keys in alphabetical order.

Cheap 802.11n access point turns your old router into an N router. First Look:

Air Mouse 1.5

Download of the week:



Insider Secret:

Dual boot Windows 7 beta

Your calls:

Fabio from Brazil wanted to know a good basic setup for podcasting. I use an Alesis mixer with two Shure microphones and a second laptop all running via USB into a MacBook Pro. Then I upload to and use a Wordpress blog combined with Feedburner to publish the RSS feed. Here's a WikiHow on starting a podcast that has some other good ideas and resources. Your calls:

Can you dual boot OS X Leopard on a Vista machine? Yes. Daily Apps has an excellent guide to doing just that. You'll have to provide your own OS X that works on a PC though. For that, head to the OSX86 project.

Can you run Windows Vista on an Acer Aspire One? Sure. Probably only Vista Basic and it's not going to run like blazes, but if you like to try this kinda stuff, we say go for it.

You can boot from a USB thumbdrive in OS X; even boot Linux if you want. Take a look at this wiki. E-mail us!
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