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CNET Live - Episode 83

Bedroom laptops and iPhone mods.

Bedroom laptops and iPhone mods.

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Things We Crave

Turn iPod Touch into an iPhone

Close-up lens for iPhone

First Look

Gateway MC7801u

Download of the Week


Quick Tip

Create your own WiFi hotspot on a Mac

Your video calls

Brad from Wisconsin asked about small bargain camcorders. He's considering the Sasmsung SC-MX20 but he might also want to take a look at the Flip Video MinoHD.

Teresa in California akaA RogueTess needed some help picking a camcorder for her son. Brian Cooley gave her some general advice and then pointed her on to our best 5 camcorders.

Carl from Washington State had his Mac turn off during a system update and now he's stuck. He'll need to reboot with the recovery CD in the disc drive and hold down the c key during boot up. Brian Tong also passed along a few other tricks to try.

Your calls

Want a cool MP3 player and cool headphones for seriously cold weather. Check around on snowboarder sites for product recommendations then cross-reference them with CNET reviews. Apple iPods aren't usually rated for temperatures below freezing. See this thread for a discussion of headphones. Also check out this ehow article on cold weather music gear.

If your computer continually loses power and restarts, start with the power supply, make sure all connections are tight, check that the CPU is properly seated. If none of that works, you may need a new motherboard. See this discussion for more angles on the problem.

Here are our favorite audiovisual receivers. THX is a sound certification program, not a technology like 5.1 or 6.1.

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