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CNET Live - Episode 77

Chris DiBona, Open Source Manager at Google, talks about Android, open source, and more.

Chris DiBona, Open source manager at Google talks about Android, open source, and more.

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Gun O'clock alarm clock

Fiat eco-drive

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Moxia Energy USBCell AA NiMH batteries

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Customise your Windows Vista log-in

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Jacob's questions: Should you upgrade a two-year-old Gateway computer to Windows Vista?
You can use Microsoft's Windows Vista upgrade adviser to get its advice. I'd probably hold off still. An older computer is more likely to have issues with Vista than a brand-new or recently purchased computer. See the video for Brian Cooley's tips on Zune-management issues if you do upgrade.

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In response to an e-mail, Brian Cooley recommended a couple of outdoor display companies. One is Sunlight LCD and the other is SunBrite TV

Want the most accessible music player between Zune and iPod? The iPod Nano has talking menus, but if that's not enough storage space, Brian Tong noted that the Zune has larger text.

Brian C. pointed a caller with about 3,000 photos to high-speed scanners. He also pointed out ScanCafe as an example of a service that will do the scanning for you..

Will pre-N or Draft-N wireless routers be firmware upgradable to 802.11N once the standard is completed? The short answer is probably not. Vendors have said they'd like to where possible, but can't make any promises.

A SMART error on a hard drive stands for Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology. Back up your files right away and prepare for a hard drive crash. If you run into odd error messages and want some help interpreting them, try Bug.GD.

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