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CNET Live - Episode 62

We get the jump on the iPhone 3G by going Down Under.

Australia gets everything including weekends before the U.S. To get a jump on the advance of the iPhone we talked to Ella Morton and Joe Hanlon of CNET Australia about how the iPhone 3G is playing Down Under.

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Things we Crave

Do surge protectors provide better audio?

Kiwi gas-saving device.

First Look

Samsung Instinct.

Download of the Week

TaskSwitchXP Pro

Insider Secrets

Stream Netflix movies to Xbox 360

Best of the Web


Your calls

Our first caller wanted to transfer music to a Sidekick LX. The iTunes Music in particular. For that you can burn your tracks to CD then rip them back into iTunes. You can also use QTFairUse from the Hymn Project. Remember that both these methods may be illegal depending on the laws of your country.

As far as we can tell, there is no way to unlock the Nokia 2610b. Any listeners out there figured it out?

Here's how to make Web clips in OS X Leopard.

Want to start your own WiMax ISP? You might start at the Broadband Wireless Exchange Magazine.