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CNET Live - Episode 31 - Show Notes

Weird gadgets direct from Japan, courtesy of Dynamism.

We had a fun show today digging through weird gadgets from Japan thanks to Plus after last week's 10-hour Holiday HelpDesk marathon, a half hour FLEW by.

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Things we Crave

NEC's portable desktop

GPS-enabled cameras

First Look

Dell XPS M1730

Guest Japanese gadgets from

Panasonic noise-canceling MP3 player

Panasonic's 2-pound laptop

That weirdlittle robotic MP3player from Sony, the Rolly.

Paul Allen's project with Spring wireless, the tiny little FlipStart.

Best of the Web

Googlemapsfor mobile.

Ask Anything

How do Iunlock my cell phone?.

Download of the Week


Your calls

Get iTunes to play videocorrectly in Windows Vista with help form our forums.

The HD TiVo does supportover the air broadcasts.