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CNET Live - Episode 25- Show Notes

We take the show outside and celebrate Halo 3.

Wow. What an impressive effort. You don't know the half of the issues in taking a studio show and transporting it outside and down 6 stories. Our crew is incredible. So give it up to Lynn Fu, Bonnie Gannon, Kelly Hendricks, Mitch Chang, Charlie Wagner, Chris Pavey, Chris Parker, Jason Howell, Justin Eckhouse, Ariel Nunez, Laurence Campling, Vincent Tremblay Sarah Harbin, Suzy Brannon, Cheryl Holloway, Erin Gaffaney, Andrea Ortiz our interns Andrea and Catherine, and of course, our gracious crowd wrangler Molly Wood.

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Things we Crave

Maple seed spy gear

Asus Eee PC

First Look

Halo3 Launch Party

Guest Jeff Gerstmann from Gamespot. Download of the Week


Insider Secrets

Use your iPod as ahard drive.

Your calls

Molly's video on how to save streaming video. You can also use RealPlayer 11 Beta and Vconvert.

For guidance on updating firmware for an unlocked iPhone, stay tuned to the iPhone Dev Wiki.