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CNET Live - Episode 20 - Show Notes

We get smart about cars.

Today was a disaster for me. Our call screening software kept giving me a run-time error. I fixed that when I uninstalled the Comodo firewall, but then Google Earth didn't work. So I reinstalled Google Earth and the the call-screening software gave me a runtime error. So that's when I started a system restore. That didn't fix the call screening software, but then I lost Web access. So I did another system restore with two minutes until show time. That's the one you saw on the air. Then I got everything but call screening working and Google earth stopped working. So I reinstalled Google Earth and of course I lost network connectivity, so Google Earth froze on the air. Then I started another system restore to end the show.

Thankfully Brian had more luck. He got to leave the building and look at the Samrt Car. Watch the show soon on CNET TV.

Things we Crave

Nokia 6555

Revo Wi-Fi Radio


I had the distinct pleasure of touring the digibarn home to almost every computer in history.

Tour the Digibarn

Take a look at the Smart Car.

Download of the Week

Google Earth with Google Sky.

First Look

Motorola Q9.

Best of the Web


Your calls

Run boot camp on an external hard drive.