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CNET Live - Episode 19 - Show Notes

Molly fills in for Brian, Brian fills in for Cheryl, and the whole crew gets some cool Back to School gadgets together.

OK it was kinda weird today but really fun. Molly Wood filled in for Brian, but not because Brian was gone. He just wanted to fill in on phones for Cheryl. Nice! Plus we had a table full of back to school gadgets for ya. Watch the show on CNET TV.

Things we Crave

Crank up the Eco Media Player

Molly's new favorite watch phone

Quick Tip

Ryan wrote to,"I have a very new computer and I downloaded CCleaner to clean the registry. It found over 100 errors and I told it to fix them. It completed this and I scanned again just to make sure that it got all of them. The same errors came up again! How can I fix these errors now?" Well Ryan, the answer is to fix them again. I had the same issue. I fixed registry problems and a new scan turned up more. But after four repetitions, no more registry problems. For the folks who don't know what we're talking about, We show you how to fix up your registry in Today's Quick Tip.

Clean your registry with CCleaner

Get the best gadgets for Back to School.

Download of the Week

SeaMonkey Web Browser Suite.

First Look

Motorola Razr V2.

Best of the Web


Your calls

USB-powered 250 GB external hadr drive from Western Digital.

Flash your BIOS to fix startup problems.

We did an episode of the Real Deal podcast on Silverlight - Listen.

Move your iTunes to a new computer.

Linux applications and Visor PDA. Hacks for the Palm TX.

External USB laptop cooler.