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CNET Live - Episode 16 - Show Notes

Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht join the show to talk about Diggnation and answer some calls for old time's sake.

Kevin rose and Alex Albrecht from Diggnation dropped by to talk about their show, video on the Web, and even were kind enough to take some calls for old time's sake.

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Things we Crave

Poker-playing computer

Sony MP3 player without Sonic Stage or ATRAC

Insider Secrets

Emeraldgirl93 writes "Hi Tom and Brian, I like to do a lot of video editing, I currently use Windows Movie Maker, which is ok but i'm looking for something better. Can you recommend A good FREE Video editing program? Thanks!"

Make your own Adobe CS3 for free

Special guests, Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht from Diggnation.

First Look

TiVo HD.

Best of the Web Second Rotation Your calls

Xbox 360 Mods

VPN troubleshooting